Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Friday, January 13, 2006

ho jashn aisa jhumen jahan

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That which is past

Looking back at my winter break of 2005-2006, I realize....

.... I don't have as many snaps of my memorable moments memorable moments stretched into many days

......that most of my memorable days included no extraordinary activity or fancy setting just great company

......that i don't take a lot of snaps when im really happy

.....that i was happy for so long at a stretch that im having withdrawal symptoms now that i don't have that kind of contentment coz of university, oceans and the like

.......i spent 19.5 hours at a stretch with Fox on the 17th Dec. [ and then 18th] not including the fact that i met him again for a couple of hours after a morning's sleep and all of it was fun [for me anyway]

......that i don't need to bare my heart for some of my close friends to know me. they can still figure out what i'd want without my ever having told them about it. and get it all right .

.....that staying up all night will always be fun when any of the petoos are around [nishi, HB this time :D]

......that some of my friends are so cool they dressed bad because i showed up in warm fuzzy pjs looking bad and that they would actually go and change and work on looking bad not forgetting to mess up their hair coz i didnt want to be the only one looking bad when we went out for dinner

......that Fox is truly patient with all he has to hear [you poor dear.... but im not stopping anytime soon sorry because you are family]

....... that all it takes to look your best [if not best-est] is sleep [that lasts more than 4.5 hours], good company, relaxation, satisfaction and good company

...... that i can't stop loving books especially new ones meant just for me

.....that surprising someone dear with an international visit is one of the greatest moments to witness

.......that when shopping- for someone else, for something that they really want, that gets you on a hunt across cities, countries..... and eventually continents-and then finding it, can actually be a euphoric Oh MY GOD! moment

.......that there is something about the shyness a present is given with by someone who is usually loud and extroverted

That this was one of the best winter breaks I've ever had.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New link

Here is a blog by a good friend and a regular reader of my own blogs, Fox.

When the mind ceases to think

Like Mute, it's a blog with fictional works. Interesting read there- give it a try y'all.
Much irritation has been expressed over the continuity of separatist comments by the Bloc Quebecois during the question rounds.

But the situation isn't quite as bad in my opinion.

I mean, be grateful France hasn't trained terrorists using 'charity' money, to bomb around Canada or better yet the capital.

Be grateful the separatists don't have enough international funding unlike some other parts of the world.

Be grateful the separatists haven't thrown out the non-French [who were born and brought up and can trace their ancestry to Quebec for generations]

Be grateful the separatists haven't killed the moderates.

Be grateful they don't take to bombing around festivals or religious observances [ that aren't French] or around universities outside of Quebec killing civilians and students that have nothing to do with the conflict.

It really could be much worse.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Not too long ago, a little blue baby came into a small family, who in turn had big families.

She was tiny but once the hospital gave her leave, she quickly fattened up into a good sized chubby baby with big eyes like her Daddy's family.

The baby would later complain that no one took as many snaps of her as the Didi. [ Baby needs to go look into the family's personal video library to see she got the better deal]

Her older sister kept herself busy with the baby by massaging Vick's on her scalp, showing the baby how to put the Johnson's baby powder white bottle with force [as much force as a 2-3 year old could muster that is, being skinny herself] to blow up puffs of powder [which always grew giggles from both] and speaking in mutual babbles.

They also discovered they both enjoyed playing with water.
In winter.
Of Delhi.
Fully clothed in warm clothes.
While Mumma was busy in the kitchen [which was very often considering the big families' members that kept visiting].

The older sister also enjoyed helping their Mummy by taking the Baby's dry nappies [triangles] and soaking them in a mug of water and hanging them over the potted plants on the ground [ that was as far as she could reach]. This was very important since the Baby made it a point to use up a lot of nappies very quickly. Such efficiency.

The baby as a toddling 1.5 year old also enjoyed the potted plants on the ground like her 4 year old Didi. She used to water the plants after Daddy had done so- just in case he left some spot somewhere. So the baby would hose down the plant until the earth would start pouring out.

But their family still managed to have plants that stayed alive. The children's love, the kids now like to think.

The baby also enjoyed hanging by the grills of the window, looking out and calling out to vendors- mutual sibling activity. Bonding time.
So their house always had extra extra fruits,vegetables, peanuts that they didn't need.

I have no such new found wisdom to share anymore.

I'm 'fraid I'm getting too old already since you tell me what I shouldn't say because of double meanings [that your friends very kindly like to tell you because scandalizing us must be such fun] .

May you go higher than all of us in life, find satisfaction in whatever you do end up studying in university [ you have 5 months to make up your mind baccha], maintain the few pounds you have managed to put on and have a very very memorable 18th year. I shall stop before I start giving a full fledged aashirwaad.

Happy 18th Birthday Ish !!!

You're still a 12 year old for me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sheikh Maktoum passed away of heart attack in Australia yesterday. He was 62-63, the ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of U.A.E. So Dubai has been shutdown from yesterday and will stay like that till Saturday.

How convenient. We leave Saturday night.


Condolences and all that aside, my sister and I ran off to stock up on some important supplies. Entertainment. Since the malls, libraries [ the 2 barely there ones I used to study a bit- no I am not sad] , cafes will all be shut down. So no shopping, no meeting up with friends [since meeting at home has become boring *rolls eyes*]. There are a few lunches and dinners with family friends but there is the rest of the day to spend as well.

So we have 2 AB junior movies from the Happy Videos, run by a Keralite.

Let's see what Dus, Sarkar and Chokher Bali [the much eagerly awaited high-expectation movie] are like now.

All those who complained about the lack of movies watched by moi, can hush up for a bit now:P.

Friday, December 30, 2005

The past week, ever since I arrived in Dubai, I've been busy busy running [ in a car driven by everyone but me- i like it like that =D] and have been out from morning till very much after sunset.

But today is a friday. The sunday of here.

The malls [ the life of here], the restaurants are closed. It's time for a laze.

So I must be home. I'd catch up on the calls I missed and need to make but ........ it is the time for a laze. So I'll let them be.

I've spent my morning [ been up since 5 am , I am like that and thankfully so is family so I can create a hulla with the tv and music and fm all at once] watching Indian classic oldies. Coloured.
B & W will have to wait for when I feel more patient.

I saw Parichay this morning, which has been a favourite from childhood. I like how the characters were developed and the movie was very down to earth. No flowery statements of love and yet a few actions were enough to draw it out clearly for the audience.
And the cute kid, Sanjay.

I'm watching Sholay now since I've never seen it properly or completely. I mentioned it once to me Daddy and he remembered it and brought it over without telling us. =D Sweet of him especially since there is a lot I say and he still remembered = D

Back to the movie : I can see why it was a super-duper mega hit. And Helen's dance- WOW. It brought such life and definition to that song. And such ageless dialogues.

Other favourites from those days would have to be

  1. Waqt -good songs and a good cast. Nicely done. A very cute young Shashi Kapoor and Raj Kumar. Attractive *sigh*
  2. Jewel Thief- excellent songs and the wow honton par aisi baat dance sequence.
  3. Mother India- no words for this. A classic classic.
  4. Guide- unconventional storyline, superbly executed with unforgetabble songs.

Then there are the likes of Chupke Chupke, Baaton Baaton mein and Golmaal, good comedies and Amol Palekar at his best [ in my opinion] in the last one.
Good memories.

That is all I can think of from the top of my head. I'm sure Fox would have plenty to add. I need to watch more movies.

Ok so now back to Basanti and Veeru at the water tank.