Saturday, September 10, 2005

Surprise Surprise !

R's surprise bdai party turned out to be fantastic with a few 'glitches' in the beginning.

For starters, it was so darned hard for Man and Z to convince her to get out of her room for the rest of us to get in and deck it up for her. On our way to R's rez we saw her coming from the opposite direction. We thought we had been caught BUT R's convenient blindness helped out-she hadn't got her glasses on. Yes!
Still WE didn't know that and we ran for cover in the nearest bushes complete with cake and drinks n other party stuff.
We finally made it to her suite and got to work soon. We were all set and Z brought R back but R got her lazy behind to her room after sooooo long. My arms hurt from having the camera ready and poised to get the perfect surprise shot.

I did get a good snap of her surprised look and since she hadn't suspected anything throughout the month, I think we did a good job with our act.
Of course I had to be the baddie and get the other over-enthusiastic men to cancel on R coz really guys, how is it a surprise if she already expects 90% of our guest list to drop by on the day to 'help her unpack'.

Man got me with her 'idea' to heighten the surprise for R- it truly was hilarious since she meant it seriously. R you owe me for not letting her talk us into it !

Some people left early leaving behind R, Z, Gills, H and me. I enjoyed the latter part of my evening more esp. scaring R into believing one of her suitemates is a cannibal and reading out horror stories to her ( which btw, SHE brought with her) . R still wants to invest in a glass cutter so that she can cut through her window to escape the Hannibal if she has to.

H and Gills were great entertainers !
Jamie's unforgettable quotes :
*us discussing going out to play frisbee or chess* Jamie contributes to conversation by uttering Viagara to himself while looking at Gills.
A few minutes later, Jamie asks Gills: want to meet up in the backroom to practice?
pra-ctice? wha-t practice?
Gills refuses to venture alone anywhere with Jamie now. He got afraid of him after that last quote.

Jamie why weren't you at the Pride parade again?


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