Sunday, October 23, 2005

55 galore

My lazy dearies need a lil push towards penning down that 55 so here are a few to show those who expressed doubt, it is possible to write fiction in 55 words only.

Here we go:

1. Archana Rajaram


She never listened to the voices.They amused her when she was bored. Made her smile at their eccentricity.But that was all.She ignored them when they asked her to do things.Of late, the voices had taken a physical form. And the numbers were increasing.It was time to talk about the voices.

She stood there looking at him helplessly.It had been a year almost. He still hadn’t the faintest idea.She inched in closer. It was now or never.Her heart was pounding, cursing her quiet desperation for his love.She closed her eyes taking a deep breath.He bent down and kissed her just then.


“Today, we become one. Nobody can break this bond, this holy union sanctioned by God. You do want to be with me forever?”“I love you.”They held hands once more, and jumped. And were lost forever in the fathomless ravine below.

Marital Rape
It was a night of passion that had ended in her victory.The faint rays of the sun trod softly into the room as the bride crept out of her nuptial bed, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She wiped the thick line of vermilion from her forehead, and looked defiantly at the corpse.

3. Casablanca

The silk was exquisite. Its touch, romantic. He smiled as he watched her remove the Hermès from her collar.The police found his body in his room, two days later.The silk was exquisite. Its touch, romantic.Far away in another city, she looked at her personal diary, ‘Uses of a scarf’ page:Strangle. Check.

I thought fairytale was very aww-able and it made me smile. Plus, I don't want to scare my pretties with all the dark ones I liked.
Also, do check this site for more 55's and note my own contribution here too =D.


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