Sunday, October 23, 2005

Conversation pieces

D:the odds of u ending up with a brown are so slim
D:unless i get married in india
D:and u fall in love with some dolled up indian girl there which will make me laugh a lot
Fox:*smirk*.. that's sorta unlikely, given i have no idea when i'm going there
Fox:i've been told that if i miss the next wedding, i need not bother coming there till the weddings of nieces and nephews
D:well u will be there for mine
Fox:you'll be getting married in india?D:all my family is there
Fox:not even dubai?
D:no family in dxb ull be in india within the next 7 yrs and ill cry a few buckets if u decide to be stingy n not come and I shall refuse to talk to you. And then Mausi will get on your case.
Fox:fingers crossed

Fox:hahahaha stingy.. "yeah, i decided to follow in your college friend's foodsteps and take up pan handling"
D:point being
Fox:put on a sign "need money to go to a wedding in india"
D:ull be there for me wedding
D:that would be funny. Add to that sign " have outfits all ready ........n bridal presents... n gear to pick up indian girls...... just need to get on that damn plane......... thanks"
Fox:$1 down, $1999 to go "

D: yeah you can do that too. As long as you are there, I don't care.
Fox:yeah, watch some relative of yours come to you saying "there's some guy mumbling your name with ripped clothes and smell as if he hasn't showered in weeks.. i think some girl dumped him or something so now he's wandering from street to street.. just thought you'd wanna know"

D: no better yet, watch them grab you for daan punya, hand you dhoti kurta and invite you for a bhojan.
Fox: hahaha
Fox:yeah.. i'd like to see the expression on your face when you come across me when serving 'daal"
D:oh so you'd even SIT through it
Fox:hey, you can't expect me to refuse free food. That's blasphemy.
D:you would get it ....inside my home as well.

Fox:it'd be funny if you go.. "YOU MADE IT!!!! and hug me in front of all the people.."
D:funny i thought of the same thing
D:actually i WOULD do tht .people shmeeple
Fox:i'd be so tempted to be "umm.. can i finish the meal first?"
D:that is when ill give u a daal-snaan
Fox:i travel half the world to get that..

D:well ill get the same colour too ...just with haldi paste. hope guys are not allowed to put it on me. you'll just slobber it all on me.
Fox:well.. "I" wouldn't.i'd be too busy finishing up the potentially wasted daal
Fox:i mean, who'd know what the hell you'd do to the rest of the food if you're willing to give me a daal-snaan
D:i think tht is when my amma or some aunt will push me away and maybe put the mehendi a couple of days early just to keep my hands busy
Fox: hahaha... yeah the mehendi should stop you


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