Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A very interesting scholarly article on Devdas here.

"male domination is rooted in a struggle for recognition between men in
which women are mere objects or tokens: the prize"(55).
The problem with
Devdas is that even though he deserves and covets the prize, he believes
the greater glory is in resisting the prize than in accepting it!
Poonam Arora's article is based on the 1936 Bengali and 1937 + 1955 Hindi versions of Devdas movies. She argues that Devdas's classic status in Indian culture is mainly due to Devdas's portrayal as the chaste babu, defying the sexually perverse image projected by the colonial British to undermine the character of Bengali men.

At the same time the story in itself shows how Devdas suffers from colonial rule as he tries to be a 'man' by British standards and refuses Parvati's advances to be a 'man in control' and hence less effiminate as the Bengali men were made to be ( and also the reason why they were deemed unfit to self-govern as per British outlook) by excercising 'self-control.


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