Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hacking into Aj's

*after being signed out 8-9 times in a row*
AJ: are you the one signing me out D?
D: Yes I am the one signing into your account.
AJ: Why?
D: you made me wait so long for your reply earlier in the day

*I sign in to AJ's account*
*AJ signs in from an alternate account*
AJ: why are you using my msn account?
D on AJ's account now: I wanted to do some shit
AJ: hahahaha
AJ: ok go on. But hurry up

I changed AJ's msn profile.
Some tidbits :

A little about me: I am currently in the explorative phase.

Favourite things:I love pink vests. I fell in love with them after Salaam Namaste. I was inspired after I saw Saif who looked so GOOD in it. My all time favourite movies would be: Legally blonde 1&2 .

Hobbies & Interests: I love pink and chick flicks.Nothing like curling up on the weekend with curlers in your hair,heart chocolates,Kleenex and a good water-works movie.

Favourite Quote: My ex-girlfriend:" You really should get yourself a boyfriend instead".Now she is my ex.

p.s. I thought saif in the pink vest was hot. The tan plus the shade= attractive.
p.p.s.: AJ is a guy


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