Thursday, October 20, 2005

Reminiscing: Autumn of 2003

I was assaulted.

I was assaulted by the wind all thourghout my walk on the streets. I was pushed sideways when I tried crossing the road. For once I wished I was heavier so that I wudnt fear having my feet being pulled off the ground. I also had to fear the street signs screaming their heads off as the wind swirled around them, and tugged at their hinges. The wind stripped off the trees wildly despite its pleas and shudders. I'm sure many trees would be naked by the time I am done with classes today.

Despite all this, I forgive u wind, because I realise that you need to have your fun too. Besides all your antics did make me smile during my walk , because it was amusing. However, next time I decide to walk my way through before I get a ride , I shall make sure I do so in your absence.


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