Saturday, November 26, 2005

For the curious ones on my msn

I have a 40% essay due in 10 days*. It is a higher level course so I need extensive research on political,social and legal levels to support my thesis. I had been dreading the evenings I would have had to spend in the law libraries researching loopholes in immigration laws that allows what my thesis was based on. I won't give it away because I do plan to work on it when I can .

Now here is the thing. As much as I loved my thesis and wanted to work on it, I knew I didn't have the time for it. So with no time to spare I was in a state of frenzy trying to figure out how I shouldn't get a big fat red F on this essay until..........

................... I realised I had a perfect alternate thesis waiting for me right there!! I had 3 months worth of research in the form of newspaper articles ( from 2003 covering this topic) , government documents that I had read and summarized as well as summary of books I had read on this topic. All organised in chronological order with summaries attached. I didn't have to worry about spending 10 days in accumulating data. I had it all!

Now I just need to analyze it and write a good paper.

*crosses fingers*

*I also have 2 other major essay, 2 presentations, 2 projects,1 cumulative research report,exam and 1 big assignment remaining all of which is due within the same time frame. Not that final exam prep has begun. I haven't included them in this list. Now I hope you know what the mild fuss is about.


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