Friday, January 06, 2006

Not too long ago, a little blue baby came into a small family, who in turn had big families.

She was tiny but once the hospital gave her leave, she quickly fattened up into a good sized chubby baby with big eyes like her Daddy's family.

The baby would later complain that no one took as many snaps of her as the Didi. [ Baby needs to go look into the family's personal video library to see she got the better deal]

Her older sister kept herself busy with the baby by massaging Vick's on her scalp, showing the baby how to put the Johnson's baby powder white bottle with force [as much force as a 2-3 year old could muster that is, being skinny herself] to blow up puffs of powder [which always grew giggles from both] and speaking in mutual babbles.

They also discovered they both enjoyed playing with water.
In winter.
Of Delhi.
Fully clothed in warm clothes.
While Mumma was busy in the kitchen [which was very often considering the big families' members that kept visiting].

The older sister also enjoyed helping their Mummy by taking the Baby's dry nappies [triangles] and soaking them in a mug of water and hanging them over the potted plants on the ground [ that was as far as she could reach]. This was very important since the Baby made it a point to use up a lot of nappies very quickly. Such efficiency.

The baby as a toddling 1.5 year old also enjoyed the potted plants on the ground like her 4 year old Didi. She used to water the plants after Daddy had done so- just in case he left some spot somewhere. So the baby would hose down the plant until the earth would start pouring out.

But their family still managed to have plants that stayed alive. The children's love, the kids now like to think.

The baby also enjoyed hanging by the grills of the window, looking out and calling out to vendors- mutual sibling activity. Bonding time.
So their house always had extra extra fruits,vegetables, peanuts that they didn't need.

I have no such new found wisdom to share anymore.

I'm 'fraid I'm getting too old already since you tell me what I shouldn't say because of double meanings [that your friends very kindly like to tell you because scandalizing us must be such fun] .

May you go higher than all of us in life, find satisfaction in whatever you do end up studying in university [ you have 5 months to make up your mind baccha], maintain the few pounds you have managed to put on and have a very very memorable 18th year. I shall stop before I start giving a full fledged aashirwaad.

Happy 18th Birthday Ish !!!

You're still a 12 year old for me.


Anonymous HB said...

aww thats really really sweet. Happy b-day Isha! :D

January 06, 2006 10:07 AM  

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