Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sheikh Maktoum passed away of heart attack in Australia yesterday. He was 62-63, the ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of U.A.E. So Dubai has been shutdown from yesterday and will stay like that till Saturday.

How convenient. We leave Saturday night.


Condolences and all that aside, my sister and I ran off to stock up on some important supplies. Entertainment. Since the malls, libraries [ the 2 barely there ones I used to study a bit- no I am not sad] , cafes will all be shut down. So no shopping, no meeting up with friends [since meeting at home has become boring *rolls eyes*]. There are a few lunches and dinners with family friends but there is the rest of the day to spend as well.

So we have 2 AB junior movies from the Happy Videos, run by a Keralite.

Let's see what Dus, Sarkar and Chokher Bali [the much eagerly awaited high-expectation movie] are like now.

All those who complained about the lack of movies watched by moi, can hush up for a bit now:P.


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