Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That which is past

Looking back at my winter break of 2005-2006, I realize....

.... I don't have as many snaps of my memorable moments memorable moments stretched into many days

......that most of my memorable days included no extraordinary activity or fancy setting just great company

......that i don't take a lot of snaps when im really happy

.....that i was happy for so long at a stretch that im having withdrawal symptoms now that i don't have that kind of contentment coz of university, oceans and the like

.......i spent 19.5 hours at a stretch with Fox on the 17th Dec. [ and then 18th] not including the fact that i met him again for a couple of hours after a morning's sleep and all of it was fun [for me anyway]

......that i don't need to bare my heart for some of my close friends to know me. they can still figure out what i'd want without my ever having told them about it. and get it all right .

.....that staying up all night will always be fun when any of the petoos are around [nishi, HB this time :D]

......that some of my friends are so cool they dressed bad because i showed up in warm fuzzy pjs looking bad and that they would actually go and change and work on looking bad not forgetting to mess up their hair coz i didnt want to be the only one looking bad when we went out for dinner

......that Fox is truly patient with all he has to hear [you poor dear.... but im not stopping anytime soon sorry because you are family]

....... that all it takes to look your best [if not best-est] is sleep [that lasts more than 4.5 hours], good company, relaxation, satisfaction and good company

...... that i can't stop loving books especially new ones meant just for me

.....that surprising someone dear with an international visit is one of the greatest moments to witness

.......that when shopping- for someone else, for something that they really want, that gets you on a hunt across cities, countries..... and eventually continents-and then finding it, can actually be a euphoric Oh MY GOD! moment

.......that there is something about the shyness a present is given with by someone who is usually loud and extroverted

That this was one of the best winter breaks I've ever had.


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